Monday, January 4, 2010

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

I love Christmas! Growing up, my mom would get Christmas music out pretty early. I am thinking late Sept. early Oct. sometime and I loved it. It made the Christmas season last so much longer. I got my Christmas music out early this year, too, but the season came and went so fast. We had a wonderful Christmas though and the kids were so happy with what they got. We don't like to focus a lot on gifts at Christmas time. They got a few things, but we really spent a lot of time each day talking about the birth of our Savior. The boys are getting old enough now that we can have some good conversations and feel the spirit while we are talking. It amazes me how quickly they grasp concepts and are able to gain a testimony at such a young age.
Christmas morning Kevin got of work at 6:30 and came home to wake us up. I was awake and couldn't wait for him to get home. They ran out and were super excited to see that Santa really had come. After we got done opening presents, Kevin went and slept for a bit while I got the kids dressed and packed so we could go to Sheridan. We went to my grandma's and spent the rest of the day visiting with family. Then we went down to my parent's home and had fun opening presents there. All the cousins had a wonderful time sharing toys and playing. It was a really fun weekend. We also had the privilege of being able to be their for the blessing of my brother and his wife's brand new baby boy, Quinton Weston Bangerter. He is so sweet and welcomed into his family by two big sisters. Congratulations to them!
We rang in the new year with my family all coming to Billings. It was a super fun weekend filled with lots of laughing and spending time together. The cousins enjoyed playing while the grown-up enjoyed visiting and playing some games together as well. I am so blessed and love it when I have a house full of people I love.
We look forward to a wonderful year in 2010. We have set some goals personally and as a family and have every hope of achieving them.

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