Monday, January 4, 2010

Eli's Holiday Program for Tiny Tunes and school

We have a lady in our ward that teaches music classes. She invited Eli to be a part of the group called Tiny Tunes. It was not his favorite thing in the world, but it sure was cute getting to watch him be a part of it. He was able to have three performances and each one got better and better. He doesn't want to do it again this spring, but Owen really wants to be in it and I think it would be great to have them do it together. So we will see.
Eli also had his holiday program for school. He did a great job with it and looked so handsome in his tux. It is so fun to have him be in school and get to watch him be in different things. I made some Santa cupcakes for him to take to school on the last day before break. The kids loved them and Eli loved taking a treat to share with his class. He was super excited for the 2 week break to begin, and so was I!

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